Trade in your old GPS or Dash Cam unit to receive 30% off RRP with a new Navman Dash Cam unit.

The trade in offer allows customers with outdated technology to trade their unit in to the latest device with the newest technology a new warranty for a discounted price

This is a Navman Online offer ONLY and cannot be redeemed in a retail store.

For pricing and how to take up this offer please press learn more below 

  • Dash Cam
    Trade-In price
  • MiVue™770 SAFETY
  • MiVue™870 SAFETY
  • MiVue™920 Dual Camera
  • MiVue™ ALTA
  • MiVue™ ALTA DC
  • MiVue™ PRO 4K
  • MiVue™ PRO 4K DC
How do I take up this offer?
  • Step 1 – Press “redeem offer” and enter your email and details of the device you wish to trade in
  • Step 2 – check your email for the trade in coupon
  • Step 3 – Press “learn more” on the device you wish to purchase
  • Step 4 – Press “add to cart”
  • Step 5 – Enter your trade in coupon into the “promo code” field and press apply
  • Step 6 – Press “proceed to check out” and complete your purchase
  • Step 7 – Please check your email for your invoice and instructions on where to send your old Navman device (we only need the head unit, we don’t need the accessories)
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  1. MiVue™920 Dual Camera

    MiVue™920 Dual Camera

    When you want a dual camera dash cam that does more, the MiVue™920 DC is the device for you. You can download, view and share footage from front or rear cameras using the MiVue™ Pro App over WIFI, even from the side of the road after an incident. It also comes with premium safety alerts not only for fixed speed cameras, but also school zones and highway change of speed zones and these can be updated for free as often as every month.
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  2. MiVue™870 Safety

    MiVue™870 Safety

    Safety and simplicity are the name of the game with this high-quality dash cam. Shot in 1440P Quad HD 2.5K, footage is crisp, clear and stamped with GPS coordinates and direction of impact – exactly what your insurers need. Safety features include handy speed, school zone and safety camera alerts (free monthly updates over-the-air), reminders about turning your headlights on, and ADAS warnings. Review and share footage via the MiVue™ app, or on your desktop.
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  3. MiVue™ PRO 4K DC

    MiVue™ PRO 4K DC


    The only dash cam better than the MiVue™ PRO 4K is the MiVue™ PRO 4K Dual Camera! The front camera records at 30fps in 3840 x 2160 or true 4K UHD, the rear camera records at 30fps at 2560 x 1440 or 2.5K QHD and has a superb Premium STARVIS Sensor. It is the full package with voice activation, built-in safety features, like ADAS warnings for front collision and lane deviation and a new rear end collision warning.

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  4. MiVue™ PRO 4K

    MiVue™ PRO 4K


    Arguably the best dash cam we’ve ever designed, tested and built, the MiVue™ PRO 4K is a single front camera with the crispest, clearest resolution currently available, recording at 30fps in 3840 x 2160 (or 4K or UHD). This clarity is possible due to the very large 1/1.8” low light 8MP sensor that pulls in more light, four times more pixels than regular HD dash cams. It is also packed with built-in safety features including ADAS warnings, as well as monthly safety camera alerts and school zone warnings which can be updated over-the-air.

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  5. MiVue™ ALTA

    MiVue™ ALTA


    Get an integrated dash cam look at a fraction of the cost. Our MiVue™ ALTA is designed to fit beautifully inside any new model or older vehicle, with factory-fitted looks, you’ll barely notice it is there. Yet, the ALTA comes with all the quality features great drivers demand from their dash cams: recording in Full HD 1080P, a 140° field of view, optimised day/night recording, monthly safety camera updates including school zones and much more.

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  6. MiVue™ ALTA DC

    MiVue™ ALTA DC


    The most modern-looking dash cam on the market, the slim vertical front camera of the MiVue™ ALTA DC fits perfectly into any new model car, like it rolled out of the factory with it. The absence of a screen and the perfectly angled mount means it can be tucked away, virtually out of sight.

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    Drive a ute? This dash cam is the one for you. The slim vertical front camera looks like it has been factory fitted, and shoots at 30fps in Super MP4  in Full HD 1080P with a 140-degree lens. Most  rear dash cams fit inside the rear window which  with a ute , tends to film what’s on the tray, not the road. The MiVue™ ALTA WORKMATE XDC has an IPX rated waterproof 135-degree lens external rear camera with a STARVIS™ sensor that sits above your number plate  making sure you don’t miss any valuable footage.

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  8. MiVue™770 Safety

    MiVue™770 Safety

    Feel confident and in control on the road at all times with this small but perfectly formed dash cam. Safety alerts including speed and red-light cameras, school zones and accident black spots can be updated free every month. Footage is crisply captured in Full HD 1080P and tagged with all the details you (and your insurer) may need about location, speed and direction of impact. Easily upload and share footage via WIFI.
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  9. MiVue™900 Dual Camera

    MiVue™900 Dual Camera

    With many collisions happening nose to tail, it makes sense to install a dual camera dash cam, and the MiVue™900 DC fits the bill perfectly. With two cameras front and rear, both recording in Full HD 1080P at 30 frames per second, and a Premium STARVIS™ Ultra Low Light Sensor in the front camera, you’ll be covered with the proof you need in the event of an accident AND all the premium safety alerts, including speed and red-light cameras, school zones and accident black spots you can update monthly for free.
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