Navman Dash Cams


  • MiVUE755


    Why should you pay the excess in a bingle? Record in Full HD 1080P, with this nifty dash cam providing plenty of evidence to protect you in the event of an accident. Features include GPS Tagging and a 3-Axis G-sensor which will clearly identify the direction and speed of an impact for insurance claims. It will also keep you safer on the road with driver fatigue warnings and an Eco Drive mode that will tell you how fuel efficient your drive is.
  • MiVUE765 Safety

    MiVUE765 Safety

    Packed with features to protect and keep you and your loved ones safer on the roads, this nifty dash cam features a 2.7” LCD screen and not only films in Full HD 1080P, it also comes with GPS Tagging, free-speed and safety camera alerts, ADAS warnings plus new Eco Drive Mode and you can upload your footage easily with the EZYSHARE via WIFI feature.
  • MiVUE830 Dual Camera

    MiVUE830 Dual Camera

    Two cameras – front and back and each one records in Full HD 1080P with Premium STARVIS™ Ultra Low Light Sensor for every light condition. Event recording means every change in movement or impact is instantly recorded and saved. The device also comes with free monthly safety camera alerts, as well as a 3-Axis G-sensor and GPS tagging for precision information about the impact. Parking mode available*.
  • MiVUE1000 Sensor XL

    MiVUE1000 Sensor XL

    A world first: the most incredible picture quality from a dash cam. Built with a super large 2/3” Low Light Premium XL Sensor enabling it to film in greater detail than ever before in Full HD 1080P 60 frames per second. The Extra Large sensor is perfect for capturing detail in low light conditions like dawn and dusk, during rain or whilst in multiplex carparks. Plus, it includes WIFI capability for sharing footage via the MiVUE Pro app and speed and safety camera alerts can be updated monthly for free.
  • MiVUE1100 Sensor XL Dual Camera

    MiVUE1100 Sensor XL Dual Camera

    With the superb features of the MiVUE1000 Sensor XL, the MiVUE1100 Sensor XL DC records on two channels in Full HD 1080P, with a Premium STARVIS™ Sensor in the rear. The camera is equipped to capture exceptional footage in any lighting condition front and back. Easily share your footage by EZYHARE Instantly via WIFI, or store it on the included 32GB endurance microSD card.
  • MiCam GPS

    MiCam GPS

    MiCam GPS is a dash camera, a GPS and peace of mind. Bringing the best of dash camera functions, navigation and phone all into one unit, decluttering your dashboard and simplifying your drive. For the first time this is a dash camera that is giving you all the information you need when you need it - receive messages, get verbal and visual navigation, as well as avoid traffic, marked speed limit alerts, red light cameras and school zones for the road you’re travelling on.
  • MiCam Explore

    MiCam Explore

    Genuinely the best dash cam and GPS device for drivers who love to get out and Explore. With its 7” capacitive screen and Premium STARVIS™ Sensor, captures great detailed dash cam footage with Full HD 1080P Recording. Large Vehicle Mode makes towing a caravan, boat or carrying a load on your roof racks easy, and with exceptional visual and verbal navigation including off road 4WD tracks, speed, traffic and safety alerts, delivered how you want it. See somewhere you want to go on the map? Just drop a pin, and it will give you the best way to get there.
  • FOCUS150 GPS

    FOCUS150 GPS

    With a wide 130-degree field of vision, this good quality dash cam lives up to its promises. It has a 2” screen and records video in Full HD 1080P to capture clear footage. Event Recording is triggered if there is any sudden change in motion or impact to ensure incidents are retained. It also has a 3-Axis G-Shock sensor that helps give more detail on the direction and speed of a collision. Comes with a bonus 16GB microSD card and parking mode compatible with the purchase of the Navman SmartBox.


    Your eyes on the road front and back! With front and rear cameras, and with 2” LCD screen recording in Full HD 1080P, the FOCUS450 has you covered in the event of any accident. GPS tagging and a 3-Axis G-Sensor will provide plenty of information for insurance claims, and it includes monthly safety camera updates. Add a SmartBox accessory and the dash cam will continue to record in parking mode. The FOCUS450 uses discrete 3M sticker windscreen mounts.
  • DRIVE DUO 2.0

    DRIVE DUO 2.0

    The perfect all-in-one device – with GPS and a Full HD Dash Cam built in - capturing high quality footage and guidance at the same time. With Free Maps Monthly and Live Traffic Updates, Spoken Safety Alerts and 3D Landmarks included you know you have your GPS needs covered, add in GPS Tagged Video, Full HD Recording and a 3-Axis G-Sensor and the DRIVE DUO 2.0 has all your navigation and Dash Cam needs in one.