Software Updates

Software update

MiVue Manager

Mivue Manager is a desktop tool that allows you to view the video clips recorded from your Mivue device.

It displays all recorded GPS coordinates, speed and G sensor readings. You can also print out any images with screen stamped GPS locations, speed and G sensor readings and can also share directly to your facebook and youtube profiles.
It is compatible with Windows and Mac.

MIVUE-SERIES (MiVUE 3,5,6,7 & 8 Series)

MiVue Manager Software (Window XP & above)


MiVue Manager Software (MAC)


MiVue App

Mivue app is a smartphone app that allows you to transfer recorded videos and saved photos from your Mivue device to your compatible smartphone for EZYSHARE VIA WIFI to send files by email or upload to your preferred social sites, or to simply make a backup of the files for extra security.

It is compatible with Android and iOS.

Compatible with MiVUE 780 and MiVUE 850 Dual Camera models

iTunes (iOS)


Google Play Store (Android)