Software Updates

NavDesk Desktop Software

NavDesk is a desktop tool that allows you to manage your maps and software, which you can install and update maps and software to your Navman GPS.

You can also use this software to load custom POIs, install subscriptions or travel guides, recovering software keys, recover voices and languages or registering a PIN against applicable units.

To update the software and maps on your Navman GPS you need to have the NavDesk software installed on your computer, please install the latest Navdesk version for your device and computer operating system by using the below widget.


Once the NavDesk version for the selected model has finished downloading, simply open up the NavDesk installer file and follow the prompts.

  NavDesk2 NavDesk7.50
Navdesk installation instructions Windows Windows
Mac Mac
Instructions on how to install maps Windows Windows
Mac Mac


If you experience any issues during the installation process, please note down any error messages and contact us.