• Navman MOVE55 Car GPS


    If you are looking for a 5 inch sat nav that provides you easy to use menus with clear instructions including better safety and guidance features than your mobile phone, the MOVE55 is a great choice from Navman.
  • Navman MOVE60LM Car GPS


    Looking for a GPS that is easy to use, big on features, low on price and comes with the peace of mind of Lifetime Maps? Then the MOVE60LM is the right sat nav for you.
  • Navman EZY260LMT Car GPS


    The EZY260LMT has an easy to use menu structure on a 5" screen. With 3D Junction Views, Spoken Safety Alerts including school zones, red light and speed cameras, plus Lifetime Free Maps built-in.
  • Navman MY550LMT Car GPS


    If you want a GPS that combines superior safety features, navigation features, convenience and Lifetime Free maps you can't go past the MY550LMT. A fully featured GPS that out performs any smartphone experience.
  • Navman MY650LMMT Car GPS


    The MY650LMMT has all the very best features that GPS has to offer, including monthly map updates, Landmark Guidance Plus to make sure you never miss that turn, Live Traffic Updates, Bluetooth Handsfree and many more.
  • Navman MIVUE DRIVE LM Combined GPS and Dashcam


    You can have the best of both worlds with this combined GPS and dash cam in one. With solid navigation features like Landmark Guidance Plus, Spoken Safety Alerts, Premium Driver Alerts, combined with a high definition dash cam to capture incidents, road rage or your scenic route.
  • Navman MY ESCAPE III Speciality GPS


    The MYESCAPE III is a 7 inch GPS designed specifically for those who drive larger vehicles like 4WDs or towing a caravan or boat.
  • Navman MOVE30 Car GPS


    The MOVE30 safety and guidance features ensure you stay on the move and arrive at your destination stress free. A value-for-money price does not mean you need to compromise on features and the MOVE30 delivers more features than comparable GPS systems in the market.
  • Navman MOVE50 Car GPS


    You don’t need to compromise on quality or features with the MOVE50 which will deliver core navigation features like Spoken Street Names, Advanced Lane Guidance, Landmark Guidance and Speed Limit Alerts. Smart Find Keyword searches help you find your destination easy and Smart Route ensures you avoid notoriously busy routes.
  • Navman EZY250LM Car GPS


    The EZY250LM car GPS device comes with Bluetooth Hands-Free, ensuring your eyes are always on the road. Then let Navman be your eyes with Premium Safety Alerts letting you know when a speed or red light camera or school zone is ahead, helping you avoid fines. With Landmark Guidance using visual cues like petrol stations, churches or traffic lights to guide you, you can be confident of getting to your destination stress free.
  • Navman MY600LMT Car GPS


    The MY600LMT car navigation system not only has a big 5” screen, but has some of the best GPS features of any sat nav in the market including Rapid Map Refresh – which is lifetime monthly map updates including safety cameras that are verified at no extra cost to you.
  • Navman EZY255LMT Car GPS


    With a large 5 inch screen the EZY255LMT is easy to use and gives you features like Lifetime Maps Built in, Live Traffic Updates, Bluetooth Hands-free, Premium Safety Alerts and Speed Limit Alerts giving you not only the very best in navigation but also keeping you safer on the road.
  • Navman MY400LMT Car GPS


    Feeling safe and in control is essential when you get behind the wheel and the Navman MY400LMT car navigation GPS, with its superior guidance and advanced safety features, will ensure you have a smooth ride.
  • Navman MY450LMT Car GPS


    The MY450LMT car navigation system not only has a big 5” screen, but has some of the best GPS features of any sat nav in the market including Rapid Map Refresh – which is monthly map updates that are verified at no extra cost to you.
  • Navman SmartGPS


    Navman’s brand new dedicated GPS device that provides location-based live information, syncs seamlessly with your phone, tablet or computer and integrates with social media platforms.
  • Navman EZY100T Car GPS


    Compact and easy to use with a 4.3” screen, the EZY100T makes the perfect GPS for first time drivers or regular road runners.
  • Navman EZY200 Car GPS


    A large 5" screen makes every journey easier with the EZY200. Bluetooth Handsfree, Landmark Guidance and Premium Safety Alerts help you arrive fresh and relaxed.
  • Navman MY300LMT Car GPS


    Packed with advanced Safety features, Navman’s MY300LMT will help you reach your destination without getting stuck in traffic or stung by speeding fines.
  • Navman MY350LMT Car GPS


    Pack with advanced Safety features, Navman's MY350LMT will help you reach your destination without getting stuck in traffic or stung by speeding fines.
  • Navman MYESCAPE Speciality GPS


    The MYESCAPE makes driving a large vehicle, towing a trailer or boat or driving a 4WD easier and safer with unique features designed for larger vehicles.
  • Navman EZY15 Car GPS


    If you’re looking for a GPS to take the hassle out of finding your way, you’ll love the easy-to-use 3.5” EZY15. Compact and ready to go, it will quickly become the navigation companion you can’t travel without.
  • Navman EZY45 Car GPS


    4.3” touch screen delivers simple Smart™ Find keyword searches via a user-friendly menu to help you find what you’re looking for faster, while Premium Safety and Speed Limit Alerts keep you out of trouble and help you avoid fines.
  • Navman MY80T Car GPS


    Every time you drive, the MY80T is there to help you stay out of trouble, reminding you of School Zones, Speed limits for the road your travelling on and Speed and Red light cameras.
  • Navman MY90XLT Car GPS


    MY90XLT is packed with innovative features like Lifetime Traffic Subscription helps you steer clear of incidents with built-in Live Traffic Updates every 3 minutes. And AV-IN with Media Player means you can connect your DVD player or reversing camera (optional extra) and see the vision clearly on your Navman.