In March of 2023, Navman announced that we would be exiting the manufacturing of personal navigation devices after more than 20 years of designing and manufacturing navigation devices for Australia and New Zealand.

Our current range  is our last and will continue to be supported until 2026. However due to the file size of current map data available and the affect it may have on older devices we have made a handy guide so that you can check the status of the map updates of your device. Please select from the drop down menu to the left.

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Unfortunately we are no longer able to provide updates for your device, due to the age and available storage on your device. If you wish to continue to support a dedicated mapping provider, we recommend the HERE WeGo app on iOS or Android or Tom Tom’s GO Navigation for iOS, Android or Huawei

Navman’s “Lifetime, free maps built in” on all pre 2018 devices entitles you to download up to 4 map data updates annually, when and as such updates are made available. This feature is specific to the Navman product and only until the end of that device’s useful life (as determined by Navman) or until Navman ceases receiving data from its 3rd party supplier, whichever is earlier. This also applies to all pre 2018 devices which come with “lifetime monthly map updates” where the maximum amount of updates is 12 annually.

for more information, please refer here.

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