Map Updates

International Maps

Going on a trip? Why not buy or rent the international map you need. You can rent the Navman international maps for 30 days for the region you’re travelling to or if you’re travelling a little longer or a regular traveller you can buy the international maps.

Navman provide international maps covering North America, Full Europe or East Europe and Western Europe. There is a huge benefit to taking your Navman with you with pre-installed maps, firstly you are familiar with your device so you can hit the ground running and navigate like a local in no time in your native language so there is nothing stopping you, secondly you won’t be hit with a huge data bill on your phone using your Navman as the maps are already downloaded and ready to go.

Why not make travelling a breeze by renting or buying your International maps from Navman and take some of the unknown out of your trip.

Note: Micro SD card may be required for map installation.


excluding MY30/MY50/MY55/MY500T
Western Europe / Eastern Europe / Full Europe / North America