Free Monthly Safety Updates

Get FREE Monthly Safety Alert Updates with eligible models.

Selected Navman MiVue™ Dashcam unit comes with FREE Monthly Safety Alert Updates built-in for the life of the unit*. FREE Monthly Safety Alert Updates is an industry-first feature which allows you to receive verified monthly safety alerts to your device, ensuring you always have the most accurate information at your fingertips.

* Navman's “FREE Monthly Safety Alert Updates" built-in entitles you to receive up to 12 safety alert updates annually when and as such updates are made available when used in conjunction with MiVue™ Pro Mobile App installed on WIFI enabled Smartphone with internet connection. It is only applicable for eligible Navman product, until (a) the end of that product's useful life, being the date on which the product is no longer serviceable or supported by Navman, or (b) Navman no longer receives safety alerts data from its third party supplier, whichever is shorter. Updates are not transferable to other Navman products or alternative products. The updates you receive will be updates to the same geographic map data originally included with your Navman product when originally purchased.

You will need a WIFI enabled Smartphone with Navman MiVue™ Pro App installed and internet connection. Android and iOS compatible. Compatible with Android 5.0 (and above) and iOS 9.0 (and above). Navman does not guarantee the product's compatibility with smartphones from all manufacturers. Not all MiVue™ dash cam models support the MiVue™ Pro App or all its features. Navman strongly recommends that only a broadband internet connection is used; and (ii) You must first install on that Smartphone the MiVue™ Pro App, and You are responsible for obtaining, using and paying for all required internet access; (c) Safety Alert data downloads require sufficient memory on the Qualifying Device; (d) at the time of downloading any safety alert update, only the data that was originally contained on the Qualifying Device at the time of purchase will be updated.

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Eligible Products
MiVue™765 SAFETY
MiVue™790 WIFI
MiVue™830 Dual Camera
MiVue™840 Dual Camera
MiVue™860 TYRE
MiVue™1000 SENSOR XL
MiVue™1100 SENSOR XL Dual Camera

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