3M Windscreen Mount for MiVue™ 6/7/8 Series

3M Windscreen Mount for MiVue™ 6/7/8 Series

Secure your Navman MiVue™ Dash Cam safely with this 3M self-adhesive car cradle. Clean the windscreen and ensure it is free from dirt, dust and oils. Position the mount for best optimal position, refer to your MiVue™ user manual. Peel off protective 3M paper and press the adhesive mount firmly against your windscreen for 30 seconds. Leave for 1 hour before installing your MiVue™ Dash Cam.
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Compatibility List

  • AUTO500 DUAL

  • FOCUS100 FHD

  • FOCUS150 GPS

  • FOCUS400 Dual


  • MiVue™100

  • MiVue™1000 Sensor XL

  • MiVue™1100 Sensor XL Dual Camera

  • MiVue™1100 Sensor XL Premium Kit

  • MiVue™1200 Sensor XL Dual Camera

  • MiVue™150 SAFETY

  • MiVue™630

  • MiVue™660

  • MiVue™680

  • MiVue™690 SAFE

  • MiVue™698 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™700

  • MiVue™710

  • MiVue™730

  • MiVue™740

  • MiVue™745

  • MiVue™750 WIFI

  • MiVue™755

  • MiVue™760 ULTRA

  • MiVue™765 Safety

  • MiVue™770 Safety

  • MiVue™780

  • MiVue™790 WIFI

  • MiVue™800 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™820 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™830 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™840 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™850 Dual Camera

  • MiVue™860 DC TYRE

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