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Ten reasons you need to pack your Navman for your next overseas driving holiday

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

If you’re one of the lucky people heading off on the roads of Europe or North America to escape Australian or NZ winter, here’s one thing you must pack: your Navman GPS with international maps loaded.

Here are ten compelling reasons to take your Navman on holiday:

  1. If you rent a GPS from a major car hire company in Europe***, it can cost around £200 for 30 days (that’s more than $368) whereas renting full European maps costs just $35 for 30 days from Navman, a saving of more than $330. 
  2. If you’re going away for longer than 30 days or you are planning more trips in the future you could buy maps.  The full European maps cost $129 while North American maps (USA and Canada) cost $89 or $25 for 30 days rental
  3. Pronunciation is phonetic, so the voices read them as you would – there are no fancy accents so it makes it easier if you don’t speak the language.
  4. Unlike with a phone, using a Navman GPS means you are using, satellite so you’ll never lose the signal and lose your bearings – and you won’t use up valuable data!
  5. Downloading reasonable international maps directly to your phone uses up a huge amount of GBs – space that could be better used for photos and videos of your trip.
  6. You get lane guidance, which is incredibly helpful when driving on four and five lane highways, travelling at speed.
  7. Map coverage across Europe and North America (USA and Canada) is vast, covering thousands of kilometres of autobahns, rues and country lanes.
  8. You’ll find all the same helpful features on your maps you can get on your Australian device – like finding the nearest petrol station, fast food outlets, ATMs, rest stops, parks and more.
  9. You won’t get in trouble with the police as laws vary from country to country about use of mobile phones in cars.
  10. You won’t have fights over which is the next turn and your driving will be less stressful.

Navman has the latest maps for USA and Canada, as well as Western and Eastern Europe or a full European set that includes 37 countries including UK, Ireland, Italy, France and Spain and also Scandinavia, Greece and Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Malta and many more. To rent or buy overseas maps, go here.

If you do decide to rent or buy your maps, make sure you do this close to your date of departure but not too close to ensure the maps download perfectly for you.