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Navman unveils new premium dash-cams with WIFI for instant back-up and sharing of footage

Today’s digital world means we are more connected than ever before and the ability to share information rapidly has become a significant part of our everyday lives. So it makes sense Navman’s new MiVue780 and MiVue850 Dual Cam dash-cams allow you to upload precious footage of any incidents you are involved in straight to your phone, thanks to the brand’s latest feature EZYSHARE via WIFI. This means any emergency or event videos will be sent straight to your smartphone via the free MiVue app and then from there you can share them to your email or social media sites providing you with even better protection and convenience on the road. ...Read More

The dynamic duo you need in your car

Navman Technology’s latest car gadget keeps your windscreen tidy, and cleverly partners valuable car technology in one device to keep you informed and protected on your drives. The new Navman Drive Duo brings together the smarts of a top quality GPS that includes premium safety alerts, the Zomato Restaurant Guide and live traffic; with a brilliant dash-cam that comprises of Full HD 1080P recording and Advanced Driver Systems (ADAS) safety features, making it an essential all-on-one gadget for the car. ...Read More

Every little detail counts on Navman’s new MiVue730 and MiVue 800 Dual Cam, dash-cams, should the unexpected happen on the road

No matter how careful you are on the road, you can’t control reckless drivers around you. However when you are driving with Navman’s new MiVue730 dash cam or the MiVue800 Dual Cam dash cam, you can feel confident they are capturing every detail of your drive to help back-up your version of events should an unexpected incident occur. ...Read More

Navman’s new MY670LMT GPS brings together first-class sat-nav features to keep the family safer and your days running smoother

If you love a good life hack that simply makes your demanding day easier, then rejoice! Navman’s latest GPS, the MY670LMT has been designed to help individuals and families enjoy a stress-free and safer driving experience while making your daily commutes more efficient. This premium 6”screen device includes the finest GPS features to take a load off in the car such as spoken safety alerts, warnings regarding changes to road conditions, the Zomato Restaurant Guide, Live Traffic Updates, Roadside Assist, lifetime maps and more. ...Read More

Navman launches simply irresistible MOVE and EZY GPS models

Popular for their simplified menu screens and incredible value for money, Navman has released its latest MOVE and EZY sat-navs. The MOVE85LM and EZY400LMT are the perfect affordable GPS choices for both learner and older drivers who may prefer to keep their sat-nav technology straightforward but appreciate the useful features of a standalone GPS, such as free lifetime map updates, spoken safety alerts, built-in multi-language options, or live traffic found on the EZY400LMT. ...Read More

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