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How to teach your kids to drive

Teaching your teenager to drive this year?

We’ve got the ultimate guide for parents on how to make it stress-free

Teaching a teenager how to drive safely is an important part of life for many parents but one that many of us dread. 

In fact our survey of more than 15,000 Navman customers showed one in three parents never want to teach their kids to drive again!

But the experience doesn’t have to be a negative one - you can now get advice from the experts on how to  give your kids the best head start to safe driving with our FREE teach your kids to drive audio presentation. It contains practical advice from safe driving expert Joel Neilsen including tips on where to start when teaching someone to drive; advice on how to make the experience enjoyable for parents and children; a road rule refresher; guidance on what not to do and details on how to keep kids safe after they get their licence.

Simply download the presentation here and listen to the audio recordings on each slide.