EZY-MY-Move Windscreen Mount

EZY-MY-Move Windscreen Mount

Secure your Navman safely with this easy-to-use car cradle. Suitable for the MOVE50, MOVE65, MOVE70LM, EZY200, EZY250LM, EZY255LMT, EZY260LMT, EZY350LMT, EZY350LMT, EZY400LMT, MY300LMT, MY350LMT, MY400LMT, MY450LMT, MY550LMT, MY570LMT, MY600LMT, MY650LMMT. Only applicable for MOVE70LM with serial number starting with 'FU'.
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Compatibility List

  • EZY200

  • EZY250LM

  • EZY255LMT

  • EZY260LMT

  • EZY350LMT

  • EZY400LMT

  • MOVE50

  • MOVE65

  • MOVE70LM

  • MY300LMT

  • MY350LMT

  • MY400LMT

  • MY450LMT

  • MY550LMT

  • MY570LMT

  • MY600LMT

  • MY650LMMT

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