MiVUE Vehicle Power Adaptor
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MiVUE Vehicle Power Adaptor
Product Number: 442210000114

This vehicle power adapter cable simply plugs into the cigarette lighter to deliver optimum power to your MiVUE DDR whilst driving. Rating: 5V/2A
RRP $44.95

Compatibility List

  • FOCUS100 FHD

  • FOCUS400 Dual

  • MiVUE735

  • MiVUE745



  • MiVUE780

  • MiVUE790 WIFI

  • MiVUE820 Dual Camera

  • MiVUE840 Dual Camera

  • MiVUE850 Dual Camera

  • MiVUE860 DC TYRE

  • MiVUE Stealth

  • MiVUE Stealth Dual Cam

  • MiVUE Stealth Pro

  • MiVUE Stealth Pro Dual Cam