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Car games to make the Easter drive more fun

Every Australian or Kiwi kid should know how to play ‘I Spy’,is the a guessing game where a person chooses an object, names the letter it begins with and other players have to guess what the object is. The first person to guess correctly wins and gets to choose the next object. Variations to this game include using phrases, for example “B C” for “Blue Car”, or “I hear with my little ear”, using sounds instead of sights.

In ‘Spotto’, players are given a list of items and when a player spots an item, he or she yells “spotto” and the thing spotted, for example “spotto horse”.   The person who spots the most on the list wins. The rules on how often you can “spotto” the same thing vary and frequently punches are also added to the game.

The ‘Number Plate’ game involves spotting cars with each number from 1 to 999 in order, ignoring the letters around the numbers. Another version is to spot the 26 letters of the alphabet in order.

In ‘Car Cricket’, vehicles passing have different values (scores) and the game can be played until a player reaches 100. The batter continues to score until a red car passes, in which case they are out. To vary the game, you can use a different scoring system. An example of scores: cars = 1 run; cars with a trailer = 2 runs; bus or truck = 4 runs (a boundary); and a semi-trailer = 6 runs.