Here's to a Calm Christmas at Home and on the Roads

Want to know what to buy for your nearest and dearest drivers to keep them safer on the roads, read on...



Christmas gift ideas: learner drivers, P-platers

It’s simple – they can’t use their phone while behind the wheel.  There are very strict laws in place in all states and territories, some don’t realise they risk distractions, big fines, loss of licence and worse if they use their phone.  So, while they are grappling with new and different situations behind the wheel, they also must figure out where to go, which lane to take, remember not to speed and much more. 


Give them a Navman MOVE120M GPS.  With an RRP of just $139, not only will it provide all the guidance they need to get from one place to the next, it will save them money with speed and safety camera alerts, as well as reminders to slow down in school zones.  Program in your address and they’ll always find their way home, wherever they’ve been, and they can also find parking and petrol at the touch of a button.

RRP: $139 Available at all major electronics retailers. For more information see


Christmas gift ideas: Parents who spend a lot of time in their car (driving kids around)

Whether it’s driving to work, driving for work or running kids around to various sports and social activities, life on the road can be super stressful for these people. 


If they already own the perfect travel mug, you may want to check out the Navman CRUISE650MMT – a GPS that is all about making life a little cruisier for busy drivers, helping to find the location of that new sports ground, restaurant or shopping centre.  The fast processor in this device helps serve up information quickly, and its large screen, lane guidance and 3D junction views make seeing and hearing exactly where to go and when, a cinch.


Connect your phone to the device, and they’ll never have to worry about fines for using their phone behind the wheel again.  Speaking of fines, they’ll also get reminders of upcoming speed and safety cameras, as well as the all-important school zones, live traffic alerts and the ability to re-route at the touch of a button, help reduce delays and waiting times.  There is also the convenience of planning out your day.  If they need to make multiple stops – running from basketball courts to Bunnings, to ballet class, or even fitting in something for yourself – the multi-trip planner is a godsend, helping plan out the most efficient route.  There is even an instant search for cafes, fuel, ATMs and food, among other things.


The Navman CRUISE650MMT features a smart new design with a magnetic mount to easily snap in and out whenever you need, a smooth glide LCD screen and USB power adapter.  RRP: $229 Available at all major electronics retailers. For more information see CRUISE650MMT  


Christmas Gift Ideas: Outdoorsy types

Adventurous types who love fishing, camping, hiking or just getting away in the great outdoors will love the Navman DRIVE DUO SUV.  As well as being great for everyday town driving, it is loaded with HERE 4WD tracks listing campsites and points-of-interest as well as a great built-in Super 2K dash cam. 

And if they’re driving a large vehicle, towing a trailer or caravan, finding the right routes for their size is easy with the “large vehicle assist” feature. It also comes with Lonely Planet travel guides with ideas on places to stay, visit and eat, and the Zomato Restaurant Guide feature allows them to find great places to eat (restaurants, take-out, bakeries and so on) for when they don’t want to rough it.  RRP: $479 Available at all major electronics retailers. For more information see


Christmas Gift Ideas: for the person who wants it all!

No question, buy them the Navman DRIVE DUO 2.0 a dual GPS and dash cam which means drivers can have one device sitting on their windscreen and get all the benefits of two. 

It combines the smarts of a top quality GPS that includes premium safety alerts, the Zomato Restaurant Guide and live traffic; with a brilliant dash-cam that comprises of Full HD 1080P recording and Advanced Driver Systems (ADAS) safety features, making it an essential all-on-one gadget for the car.


There are also important driver fatigue alerts to ensure you take a break on long drives, and a roadside assist function. Premium driver alerts are also valuable on unfamiliar roads, e.g. warning of merging lanes, high wind areas, and much more. RRP: $279 Available at all major electronics retailers. For more information see


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