Eight irritating behaviours of bad drivers … do you recognise anyone who does this?

Wouldn’t the road be a wonderful and less stressful place to be, if the world was full of decent drivers like us?



Our recent Facebook post about people who are driving slowly when you can’t pass them and then speed up the minute an overtaking lane appears received a number of comments from people, some of them funny, many were just plain annoyed. It got us thinking about other bad behaviour by drivers that really should be banned.  Take a read and let us know if you can add anything else.


And remember if you catch them on your Navman MiVUE dash cam, you’ll have the ammunition to be able to properly dob them in.


  1. People who drive slowly in the fast lane and seem reluctant to move into the slow lane.
    Not only is this annoying, they’re breaking the law. Just do the right thing and move over!
  2. Drivers who tailgate.
    Okay we get it, if you are following an irritating character like the person described above, it is very tempting to drive a little too close to them, but you really need to be the bigger person and pull back. Tailgating is really dangerous. An animal, person or incident that appears suddenly in front of the car ahead, they slam on the brakes and you can find yourself with a smashed-up car or worse. If they have a rear camera dash cam installed, their footage will show you rear-ended them and will likely cop the insurance bill for the other car as well.
  3. People who don’t indicate before they turn or decide to indicate at the very last moment.
    Driver instructors tell us best practice is to switch on the indicator at least five seconds before you turn. As one veteran taxi driver told us “Indicators are the way vehicles communicate with one another because cars can’t talk!” As well as other vehicles, indicators also let pedestrians know which direction you are intending to go, so they can stay out of your way if they’re crossing at a place without traffic lights.
  4. Let ‘em in
    Our cities are too congested and busy to be inconsiderate when someone is trying to get into your lane. If it’s safe and you can make space, let them in. It costs nothing and makes everyone feel better.
  5. Lack of cheery wave
    Another thing that costs nothing is the cheery wave when someone does let you into that lane. If it’s safe, a quick wave with your left hand into the rear vision mirror or with your right out the window is a perfect response to another driver’s kindness.
    (Editor’s note: this goes for pedestrians who should give drivers a cheery wave, when they stop and let them pass. We know drivers have to, but it’s nice to be acknowledged eh).
  6. Blocking the intersection
    One of the first things we learned when being taught to drive is don’t enter an intersection or roundabout if the exit is not clear, i.e. do not block it.  This may be one of the most selfish things to do as the impact on traffic multiplies with the one car blocking numerous other drivers are unable to move around it. If things are looking busy ahead, use your Navman to search for an alternate route.
  7. Don’t run the red light, even if you swear it was orange
    We know our Navman GPS and dash cams provide red light camera warnings, but running a red light is never a good idea even when there isn’t a camera.  Drivers may not only cop a fine, especially in these days when virtually half the population is driving around with a dash cam in their car or truck, it can also endanger or kill pedestrians who have already started to cross. 
  8. Don’t drive the wrong way down a one-way street
    We get it, “it’s quicker that way” and you “know the streets” but no one – pedestrians or other drivers – wants to be surprised by a car coming the wrong way towards them. There is usually a good reason that authorities make one-way streets one way and ignoring the signs can cause accidents and block roads. If you want to get there quickly, just type in your route and select the “quickest” option to get you to your destination on time without the fine.
    If there are more things that really give you the ‘irrits’ about other drivers, feel free to message us via Messenger and we’ll add them to our next version.
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