• MY65T Overview Image

    Enjoy clear turn-by-turn guidance and Live Traffic Updates to help you reach your destination without a hitch.

    The Bluetooth™ Handsfree feature lets you connect a compatible mobile phone for safer use while you drive.

    Spoken Safety Alerts enhance awareness of your surroundings as you drive, reducing confusing chimes and allowing you to keep your eyes on the road ahead.

    With Trip Select you can choose your preferred route based on shortest, fastest, easiest or most economical, then Landmark Guidance leads you to your destination using natural directions based on your actual surroundings.

    Featuring a 2-Year Warranty and 2-Year subscription to map upgrades from date of purchase, you can always rely on the MY65T.

    The MY65T comes complete with in-car charger, winsdscreen mount, USB cable and NavDesk Software DVD, so you can use your MY65T straight from the box.

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