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  • June 2014 - MiVue338 Road Safe
    Designed to record your activity on the road, the Navman MiVue338 Drive Recorder uses a three-axis gravity sensor and 120-degree HD recording to comprehensively document your driving. This enables you to protect yourself with video evidence in the event of an accident. The MiVue338 attaches to your dashboard and captures highly compressed 720p-quality video on to an SD card. It will record critical impact moments – so you can keep yourself... [read more].
    May 2014 - A new era for in-car GPS systems
    The Navman SmartGPS is able to connect and share information with laptops, smartphones and home computers. Information from social media is displayed on the GPS when on the move with platforms such as Menumania and Foursquare. With the SmartGPS you can pair your phone with the Smart GPS app which means you are able to save points of interest whilst out walking, which then are relayed to the SmartGPS device and stored as a to-do-list.
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    Navman GPS is a leading manufacturer of world-class sat nav technology, offering some of the best GPS navigation systems and digital drive recorders for cars, 4WD and trucks. Navman's GPS devices include features like Smart Find, Truck Routes and the industry-first Landmark Guidance Plus.[read more]